Šetrnější motor k životnímu prostředí EURO 5
Pohodlná sedadla pro 57 + 1 osob
WiFi připojení zdarma v Čr
Záskuvka pro 230 V
LCD monitor v každém sedadle
What does it offer?
  • An environmentally-friendlier EURO 5 engine
  • Comfortable seats for 57+1 passengers
  • WiFi connections free in the Czech Republic
  • 230 V socket
  • LCD monitor on every seat

Multimedia entertainment for long trips offering a wide range of movies and popular music, including use of a game console touchscreen.
Watch movies spring to life before your very eyes on a sophisticated widescreen high-quality imaging display. Whether you opt for a movie or an album, you are sure to appreciate having your own monitor and earphones, ensuring that you disturb no one else as you enjoy your own style of entertainment.

All the perks you previously associated only with air travel can now be enjoyed on the ground too. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable with simple touch commands and settle back for a care-free trip.
The high-quality technology in each armrest will stave off the boredom on long journeys.
You, too, can have your own logo or advertising here. We will be pleased to inform you of the opportunities to have your own company presentation transmitted every time the monitor is switched on.
Please contact us to find out more about the services we offer.
Thank you for joining us on board our coaches and we wish you many miles of happy travelling.
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